Whether you’re looking for vigorous strength training, meditative stretching, restorative yoga and massage therapy, or all of the above, you’ll feel right at home at One Aum.


 Choose from a range of pilates and yoga classes, movement mastery, and therapeutic health and wellness services designed to fit your needs and skill level. Or book a private session for something more personal.  Whatever you decide, you can be sure you're in the right place with One Aum.



Vigorous, relaxing, and perfect for clearing your head, pilates classes at One Aum destroy stress, help you perfect posture, and build the strength you need—inside and out.

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Vinyasa, Nidra, Pre-natal—at One Aum, we offer a variety of yoga classes perfect for stretching your limits, healing your body, and finding the center you need to conquer tomorrow. 

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Healing yoga meets vigorous cardio in One Aum’s most intensive offering—Yoga Bootcamp. Stretch and sweat your worries away while harnessing your inner warrior.

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