***All yoga classes are listed in the order of difficulty***


Prana can be understood as life force energy. Consequently, our yoga practice is designed to help us utilize our Prana in a more profound manner than our hurried lives allow. The main objective in this class is to restore the natural rhythm within and be able to sit still joyfully. We will use specific Prana cultivation practices and sit in extended meditations. Though some meditations are guided, others are silent, allowing you to develop your own meditation practice.


This class is strictly a therapeutic class designed to ease your mind and reorient it towards its natural state of calm and relaxed. As you are guided through a series of restorative postures using props, we include imagery, music, and Thai-therapy adjustments to help relieve both physical and mental stress.  Restorative postures and long holds 5-12 minutes, so it is very relaxing and transformative.


This class is for all levels and absolutely no flexibility is required. We teach the basic Sun Salutation A as the lens towards developing a lifelong vinyasa practice. It is an active class utilizing basic yoga postures and simplistic sequences. The aim of this class is to get you successfully breathing and moving at the same time while learning basic healthy alignment principals along with your core.


This specialty and fast growing style of yoga uses hammocks to strengthen, support and suspend your body.  Open up energy lines and loosen fascia and connective tissue, while having FUN!  The hammock is used a tool to rock and sooth sore and tight muscles and minds.  Expect to release tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and strength.  This specialty yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal, shoulder and hip flexibility while loosing connective tissue and fascia in a soothing and relaxing way!  Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this class can be both restorative and heart pumping, all depending on what you're in the mood for! 


This is an advanced class that incorporates advanced arm balances, inversions, advanced breathing techniques, and meditation. Absolutely no beginners are allowed in this class. At this level, each student should understand internal locks (bandhas) and ujjayi without being reminded. You will be taught advanced asana, mudra, bandha, and pranayama rigorously in this class. Some teachers use music while others do not. 


Pilates mat class is best known as a core-conditioning fitness program, which employs controlled breathing during body-weight resisted movements. Expect improvements in posture, balance and coordination while breaking a sweat, increasing strength, promoting flexibility and focusing your mind. The full mat program is done primarily lying on the floor with resistance bands and balls. It is the perfect compliment to your yoga asana practice.

Core Flow

In this class, deep breath-work and core energetics are used to explore the numerous arm balance variations and the lightness that comes from this deeply inspiring work. Absolutely no beginners or intermediate students are allowed in this class. Each student must be able to go upside down in Handstand and Forearm Balance using the wall. Additionally, you must be able to practice Head Stand and Shoulder Stand in the center of the room.


Introductory Class Free
Drop-in $25
Student Drop-in $15
5 Pack $120
10 Pack $230
20 Pack $440

Aerial Yoga Drop-in $25
6 Week Aerial Yoga Series $120