Holistic Wellness Coaching

12 Week Body & Mind Balancing Program ($3,497)

Your personalized roadmap to claiming your balance - cutting stress in half, doubling your energy and getting the body you want. We provide a proven system to bring you back to health and restore your balance, a partner to help keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals, and results that are sustainable long-term so there’s no chance of backsliding. In 12 weeks, you’ll have mastered a complete habit transformation system around nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement/activity and more, to help you achieve and sustain your desired health state.

A 4 week starter option is available too. The program can also be done in group format (check for prices).

  • 12 private weekly sessions (60-75 minutes each) in person or via phone or video

  • Tailored coaching, based on your unique life situation, goals and challenges

  • Structured assessment of your goals, motivations, challenges, habits, etc.

  • Weekly accountability coaching, experiential exercises, follow-up emails plus support between sessions

  • Action guides plus curated supportive background information, cheat sheets on healthy diet and lifestyle options

  • Optional: Coaching app for health & wellness tracking, goal progress monitoring plus support and coach interaction

Specialized Coaching Programs

12 Week Health Balancing Program ($3,497)

For specific health challenges and goals, we offer tailored versions of our Body & Mind Balancing Program. Master sugar cravings and addiction at the core and lose weight naturally. Reprogram emotional eating habits. Understand symptoms and potential underlying reasons for hormonal imbalance, transition to a more alkaline and blood sugar balanced nutrition and lifestyle. Reduce chronic stress and transition to clean eating habits for adrenal dysfunction. Upgrade sleep pattern, optimize hydration, change environmental triggers, exercise and mindfulness for increased energy and resiliency. Address autoimmune conditions by developing an awareness around your current toxicity level and toxin sensitivity, move towards lower inflammatory responses, boost gut health and other important supporting healthy habits. Lay the foundation to master blood sugar, establish diabetes-friendly changes around food, hydration, physical exercise, sleep, destressing, and detoxification. And more…..

Accountability Health Coaching: Stay On Track 1-On-1 (1 hR session - $175)

Supporting you to have the body (and mind) you want and the healthy lifestyle to support it. Make it easy to follow through with what you already know you should be doing. We help you to build healthy habits that align with what you want to feel every day.