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Years teaching: 15

Power animal: Wolf

Why I am a yoga and pilates guy: Yoga and pilates are two of the greatest tools to tame the ego

What gives my life meaning:  All aspects of understanding, kindness and compassion.

Heroes: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Srivatsa Ramaswami

Favorite yoga pose: Lotus

Favorite pilates exercise: Open Leg Rocker

Musical influence: Saul David Raye, Bob Marley, and Matt Pszonak

Carlos Yapura RYT 500

Power animal: Falcon

Why I am a yoga guy: Yoga is a great path to developing self-mastery.

What gives my life meaning: All life experiences lead to understandings.

Hero: Dharma Mittra

Favorite yoga pose: Eka Pada Bakasana

Musical influence: Wah!, MC Yogi, and Krishna Das

Donna Martin: RYT200

Years teaching: 7

Power animal: Red Fox

Why I am a yoga girl: It drives my journey towards clarity. I know when I can see all that truly is, I will find the compassion this world needs.

What gives my life meaning: Yoga is one of many paths to clarity. It is the path I have actively chosen to cultivate and share my experience.

Hero: My 5-year-old son, Noa. His name is Hawaiian and means freedom. Noa believes that, just like Kung Fu Panda, there is no secret ingredient—it’s just you

Favorite yoga pose: Eka Pada Koundinyasana

Musical influences: Michael Franti, Sting, and John Lennon 

Heather Cramer:

Years teaching: NEWBY

Power animal: White Tiger Angel

Why I am a yoga girl: I believe in the healing that yoga teaches us. The purity, stillness, strength, power, calmness within ourselves. To me, yoga is balance. The alignment of yoga empowers one to embrace life to its fullest.

What gives my life meaning: Love! To embrace every moment; to hold, comfort, and teach others to be free and live life to its fullest; to shine and help others do the same.

Hero: God and all who stand for the good of mankind.

Favorite yoga pose: Warrior III

Musical influence: Deva Premal

Sabina Broadhead RYT 200

Power animal: Butterfly

Why I am a yogi: I believe that yoga is an immensely powerful healing modality and a profoundly wise practice that can help people attain an astonishingly high level of physical, mental as well as spiritual health. And it's FUN, too!

What gives my life meaning: Assisting my patients and students in their journey toward ever-improving well-being and wholeness.

Heroes: Close to home: my husband, a deeply committed and compassionate physician who works incredibly hard every single day to make the life of his patients and their families better in every way he possibly can. Not so close to home: Nelson Mandela, who, despite 27 years of harsh imprisonment, was able to stay free within and not lose hope and faith and strength in himself and others.

My favorite yoga pose: Tree Pose

Musical influences: Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and W. A. Mozart 

Leila Navab RYT 200

Years teaching: 1

Power animal: Eagle

Why I am a yoga girl: Yoga makes me comfortable with who I am. I love me when I practice yoga.

What gives my life meaning: Sharing my heart with others

Heroes: Omar Khayam and Shannon Sharma

Favorite yoga pose: Royal Dancer

Musical influences: Niyaz, Freddy Mercury, and Azam Ali