At One Aum, our program is simple and straightforward, with the goal of encouraging frequent and regular practice. With that in mind, we offer:

  • one free introductory class
  • drop-in rates of $22 per class
  • 10-class pack for $180
  • unlimited monthly package for $140

Yoga Therapy

The purpose of yoga therapy is to aid yoga practitioners in lifting themselves out of conditions that affect them negatively, ranging from injuries and pain to depression and emotional trauma. Through diet, movement, breathing, meditation, mantra, and yogic sleep, we can overcome many troublesome conditions of the body, mind, and spirit. At the very least, these practices help us to approach our conditions in a holistic, integrated way. Ideally, yoga therapy is a temporary approach that leads a practitioner back to optimal health; however, some students engage in yoga therapy for longer periods.


WHAT It is

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of poses, breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques to meet an individual's specific needs. It is ideal for injuries and physical or mental conditions. As a holistic model for healing, yoga therapy treats the whole person, rather than just the symptom. In a session, we work together to assess your needs and design a practice specifically for you. You will be taught how to recognize and reduce stress-related issues, and sessions can be recorded so that the therapy can be continued at home. Yoga therapy can be used for many conditions, including:

  • anxiety
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • back, neck, and knee pain
  • chronic pain
  • lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis
  • menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome
  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • insomnia
  • irritable bowel syndrome


what it is noT

Yoga therapy is not a replacement for traditional medicine or physical or psychological therapy. It is a complementary modality for optimal healing.


  • 50-minute private yoga therapy session: $120
  • Recording of session for home practice: $10


Private Sessions

If you are new to yoga, finding the right class can be daunting. A private yoga session allows you to discover if a teacher and approach are right for you, as you work one-on-one and find your comfort level in a private and supportive environment. In an initial session, we will review your needs and goals, assess posture and breath patterns, and teach you the basic techniques that will form the foundation of your yoga practice. Private sessions can also be tailored for more seasoned practitioners to complement the group class experience.

  • 60-minute private yoga session: $120
  • 90-minute private session*: $150
  • Recording of session for home practice: $10
* recommended for initial visit

POstural analysis & Walking THERAPY

Depending on your level of activity, you might take between 5,000 and 10,000 steps per day. Most of us inherited our walking pattern from our parents, and many instances of back and joint pain, as well as other musculoskeletal issues, stem from this form of learned behavior.

At One Aum, we strongly advocate for posture analysis and walking therapy. After all, you might not be doing yoga most of the day, but you are walking — so why not transform your gait and posture to find a healthy balance?

  • 30-minute posture analysis or walking therapy: $60
  • 60-minute posture analysis or walking therapy: TKTK
  • 15-minute add-on to another therapy session: $20