Shannon von Burns

Shannon von Burns is Co-founder and Director of the One Aum yoga program. She is a yoga teacher's teacher, honing her expertise at Exhale for Sacred Movement in Venice Beach, California, and moving to the D.C. area four years ago to establish One Aum. Her style of yoga is "healing Vinyasa," which is a blend of breath, alignment, music, and movement.

She has been trained extensively in a mixture of Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and flow yoga. Shannon consciously distinguishes Vinyasa from flow classes, as she believes they are not the same experience.

Shannon is also a master bodyworker, and loves to teach classes in restorative, therapeutic, gentle, beginner, and advanced yoga, as well as teachers-in-training programs. Feel free to ask her anything, as she is an open book for healing and nurturing.

"Aum Love to you all." —Shannon Von Burns




Sean . FM

Sean . FM has studied with Shannon von Burns for the past six years and has completed numerous teacher trainings and workshops. His yoga classes are asana-oriented, and therefore focus more on structural poses than flow. He emphasizes the power of the breath and the grace inherent in every movement and posture.

Sean has immersed himself in his devotion to the awakening of the human spirit for over 25 years, leading him to an awareness of our universal interdependence. His philosophy for life is simple: cultivate compassion and emotional intelligence.

As something of a Renaissance yogi, Sean also creates music, writes songs, and dabbles in poetry. These artistic pursuits document his journey toward self-empowerment, courage, and inner strength. He believes that, through deepening our practice and connecting to our innermost selves, we can overcome life’s conditioning and its karmic ties. In each class, he invites you to sit quietly and breathe this universal concept into your heart.

"If it resonates, keep it. If not, breathe it out and move on." — Sean . FM