For some, fitness is a way to connect with the body in order to remain calm. For many, it is a way to carve out a small piece of the day to decompress. But on a deeper, more profound level, the yoga and fitness path leads us towards our most intimate self: our spirit.


Our Mission

Utilizing the healing powers of intimate connection, tradition, and authenticity, we are committed to our students' transformation. The One Aum philosophy serves the well-being of our students, community, and planet, because we reinforce the idea that every student is an activist in the community in and outside of yoga, meditation and /or pilates.

When our students become integrated through peace, stillness, and healing, they become advocates for the entire planet in a transformative process, which is why we offer more than movement in our approach to all three.

— Christine Vi, Weebo

What you'll experience

In our highly connected and gadget-filled world, a pilates, spinning or yoga class can be the only time we allow ourselves to go undisturbed. In the classroom, we turn off our devices — and essentially, our day-to-day world — for a moment. In this space, we can let go of daily pressures and focus on ourselves. In each session, we learn to approach life from a loving and grounded place to help us reconnect with what is most important: health, family, and the potential stillness within.

At One Aum, you can expect:

  • A customizable, adaptable program that accommodates each student's unique needs and desires.
  • Holistic yoga therapy that combines breath work, meditation, yogic sleep, and movement to promote healing.
  • Postural analysis and gait therapy to alleviate pain, tension, and other unhealthy compensatory patterns.
  • Exceptional teacher training that will reinvigorate your approach to yoga instruction.
  • Immersive workshops that combine hard core fitness workouts, flowing yoga postures with music, refining basic through advanced pilates techniques, chanting, meditation, numerous combinations to enhance your practice and beyond.
  • A warm and welcoming environment, guided by knowledgeable, insightful teachers who are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.