At One Aum, our commitment to wellness goes far beyond the physical self—here, we strive to connect mind and body with the surrounding community.


In each of our classes, you’ll experience stillness, meditation, and music. You’ll be encouraged to discover the rhythms of your body while exploring the transformative power of the inward gaze.

And in doing so, you’ll come to understand something critical about wellness—that it truly is a group effort. That the movements of your body move others. That how you feel affects your community. That it’s your responsibility—and ours, and everyone’s—to heal yourself and, in doing so, heal the people around you.

It sounds a little out there, we know. But as you spend time at One Aum—whether it’s doing pilates, yoga, restorative therapy, or a little bit of everything—you’ll see the true impact it can have when you commit to yourself.



  • A customizable, adaptable program that accommodates each individual’s unique needs and desires

  • A holistic approach that combines pilates, nutrition, massage therapy, breath work, meditation, and yoga therapy to promote healing and empowerment

  • Exceptional and affordable teacher training that will reinvigorate your approach to fitness

  • Immersive classes that combine integral fitness workouts with music, pilates, yoga and meditation to enhance your practice

  • A warm and welcoming environment, guided by knowledgeable, insightful mentors who are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal physical and mental health