SERVICES & pricing

3-month Nutrition Transformation Package $800

This is for those committed to using Nutrition Therapy to radically shift their health.  It is a 3-month program including 7 visits scheduled every 2 weeks to ensure the realistic application of our plan as well as routine accountability. 

This package creates the space to comprehensively apply a nutritional approach using a thorough intake & assessment, shifts in food choices, functional lab review, targeted supplement protocols, digestion support, intentional eating, targeted use of medicinal foods & herbs, and meal planning. 

This package is recommended for those with pain & inflammation, autoimmune disorders, digestive distress, weight-related goals, fertility concerns, hormone imbalance, mood changes, skin problems & other chronic conditions.  It’s also great for professional athletes and other high-stress professionals like executives, medical staff, night-shift workers & teachers.

60-minute Visit $175

All first visits require 60 minutes. This is also a great choice for those who may prefer or need more time with the Nutritionist even in subsequent visits.

30-minute Visit $90

Thirty minutes is often sufficient for most routine follow-up visits.

Personalized Meal Plan w/15-min Visit $70

This option is for those who simply want a meal plan formulated specifically for their needs. It includes a 15-minute Visit or Call with the Nutritionist to establish goals, preferences, cooking skill & kitchen time. Your Personalized Meal Plan will be delivered electronically within 48 business hours.

Lab Review w/60-minute Visit $240

Incorporating information provided by lab work is a highlight of the Functional Nutrition program.  While you may be accustomed to a 3-minute review with your doctor during yearly physicals, your numbers actually provide a wealth of information when interpreted from a Functional perspective.  Instead of standard reference ranges often used simply to determine the presence or absence of an emergency, we use optimal reference ranges to establish trends that help us uncover the root causes or that alert us to the need for targeted risk prevention.  Note: We do not make any medical diagnoses at One Aum. (Note: These visits should be booked at least 5 days in advance to allow time for Angela to receive & analyze your labs.)

lab order.png


  • Personalized Meal Plan $25 (added to Visit price)

  • Lab Review $65 (added to Visit price)

  • Lab orders, prices vary - We have reduced prices for those who pay out-of-pocket for labs or for those who prefer to avoid another doctor’s visit.  Discuss with your Nutritionist for more info.

Disclaimer: The nutrition information we provide does not constitute a medical diagnosis and does not treat any health problem or disease. Nutrition and lifestyle guidance is designed to facilitate the body’s own natural healing abilities. We suggest you continue to  consult with your physician or other healthcare practitioner.