Introducing Harmony Yoga

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Harmony yoga is a kind of distillation of 40 years that synthesizes my own experiential journey of connecting to spirit and the sacred balance of nature, meditation to connect with the same sacred presence within the temple of my heart, dance as a free soul expression, and Vinyasa yoga as a Fusion of the above.

My intention is for students to find pleasure in movement and self -awareness. This process is not limited to those with great flexibility, balance, grace, coordination or strength, though all will be discovered and increased in the process.

I’ve layered the teaching/learning experience to help students develop awareness and release patterns of attitude, stance and movement that aren’t deemed helpful. This creates space to perceive what is present, which is the core of the Self, perfect in its individual expression. Thus we are established in a grounded Self -acceptance.

From this foundation stability is developed through learning how to use the bandhas, which are muscular actions at key intersections in the body. From this core stability, that integrates body, mind and spirit, we can move fluidly with grace and power from the point where we are to the point where we want to go. This process is reflected in the smooth transition from asana to asana or posture to posture. Balance and flow supported by stability and strength is established.

Continuing to build on our experience will include exploration of the yogic view of anatomy and our Selves and a fusion of three bodies.

These are the causal or soul body, astral, or energetic body and physical body, of which we are most aware. Particular focus will be on the integrating force of the energetic body that includes Prana (energy), nadis (channels through which prana flows), and chakras (intersections between the energetic and physical bodily function). Hatha yoga and Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga), have the intention to optimize the flow and function of the subtle energy body, which in turn empowers us to live with optimum health and vitality. This is accomplished through movement, breath and intention.

Finally we will joyfully and playfully explore putting together the actions and awarenesses thus far experienced for greater pleasure, Self –awareness, freedom, balance, strength and Self-mastery

Sean FMOneAum Llc